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Stewart Udall Legacy

Community Conservation Celebration

In accepting a Piñon Award from the Santa Fe Community Foundation, Stewart Udall said, “People ask why I chose to live my last years in Santa Fe. It is because it is the most caring community in the United States.”

Stewart Udall 1920-2010: Steward of the Earth

Stewart Udall was a three-term Congressman from Arizona and later served as Secretary of the Interior under Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. He was a member of the Santa Fe Conservation Trust board of directors at the organization’s inception in 1993, and he served as Chairman of the Board from 1999 to 2000. Stewart was instrumental in the creation of the National Rail Trail movement and inspired SFCT to help create the Santa Fe Rail Trail. During 50 years of public service, he was the quintessential conservationist; conserving habitat, wildlife, energy and land–wherever and whenever he could. When he died in 2010 here in Santa Fe, President Obama said, “…Stewart Udall left an indelible mark on this nation and inspired countless Americans who will continue his fight for clean air, clean water, and to maintain our many natural treasures.” The Stewart Udall Legacy Dinner is given to honor others like him who inspire us to love the land, care for it, preserve its sweep and heal its wounds.

A Letter to My Grandchildren: My generation’s mistakes, your generation’s epic challenge ~ By Stewart L. Udall


Stewart Udall Legacy Dinner Award Recipients

2017- Ted Harrison
2016 – Dale Ball (posthumous), Christopher Larsen and Peter Lipscomb
2015 – acknowledging our many landowners and paying tribute to the ranch hands, land stewards and property owners
2014 – Leslie Barclay, Colin & Firth Waldon, Terry Smith, Margaret Alexander, Bill Johnson
2013 – N. Scott Momaday
2012 – Janie Bingham & Rina Swentzell
2011 – Jack Loeffler
2010 – In Memory Stewart Udall, Founder
2009 – Santa Fe Community Foundation & William deBuys
2008 – Stewart & Lee Udall
2007 – Bill Cowles
2006 – Dale & Sylvia Ball
2005 – Sallie Wagner & Nancy Meem Wirth
2004 – Mark Michel
2003 – Jean Hocker
2002 – Stewart Udall

Udall Legacy Dinner Photos