Mission, Vision & Values


The Santa Fe Conservation Trust partners with our community to keep northern New Mexico’s living lands and people flourishing together. We protect culturally and environmentally significant landscapes, ignite people’s passion for nature and enable the continual regeneration of our healthy place.


We envision a future where everyone in northern New Mexico cherishes nature and works to preserve it for this and future generations.

Opening the Door of Conservation to Everyone

The Santa Fe Conservation Trust actively fosters an organization and conservation movement that is
intentionally diverse, equitable and inclusive.  We look to nature as our guide, working to support and
connect a human ecosystem that is equally complex, resilient, thriving and full of variety.

We acknowledge that land in northern New Mexico carries with it a complicated history that includes
successive and ongoing waves of displacement and dispossession. We also acknowledge that land
conservation and the environmental movement have historically underrepresented a diversity of people
who cherish the natural world and want to protect it.

Looking forward, we aspire to create a better future by building a representative, engaged and
passionate conservation community dedicated to keeping Northern New Mexico’s living lands and
people flourishing together. To that end, we focus our programs, policies and plans on providing
equitable access to nature for everyone in our community and creating opportunities for inclusion. We
recruit, hire, retain, and promote a diverse staff.  And we recruit board members who represent the
lived experiences of the people we serve to ensure the diverse viewpoints of our community inform our
decisions and actions.

The Santa Fe Conservation Trust recognizes that this long-term commitment is an ongoing process that
requires continuous learning, growth, monitoring and improvement.

The Santa Fe Conservation Trust (The Conservation Trust) was founded in 1993 and received its 501(c) (3) status in December of 1993. The 501(c) (3) designation is a Federal IRS designation which means that people may donate to The Conservation Trust and receive a tax deduction.

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