Creating the next generation of conservationists

SFCT has had a hand in helping to create most of our area trails, including the Dale Ball and Atalaya Trails, Santa Fe Rail Trail, Spur Trail, La Tierra Trails, La Piedra Trails and, along with the Commonweal Conservancy, the Galisteo Basin Preserve Trails. But how do we ensure that people from our City know about them and use them? Part of our answer is the “Passport to Trails” program. It includes a nifty-looking passport that gives kids information about four trail systems to hike, along with a list of other local trails they can conquer. When they complete a trail, they get a sticker, and when they get all four stickers, they receive a free hydration pack!

Thanks to your support, as well as funding from Partners in Education, the S.L. Gimbel Foundation, the Lineberry Foundation and the Frost Foundation the Santa Fe Conservation Trust has led field trips that have reached over 3,000 participants, the majority of whom have been school kids from Santa Fe’s south-side schools. Our work with kids helps us create the next generation of conservationists. If people don’t grow up caring about the land, they will not fight to protect it.

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