Starting work on the west end of the Arbolitos Trail on Aug. 9.  In the background is part of the Arroyo de los Frijoles close to where it is crossed by a well-known trail tying into La Tierra Trails.

The Arbolitos Trail is a GUSTO demonstration project along the top of a branch of the Arroyo de los Frijoles, northeast of La Tierra Trails. The route of the trail was originally flagged by Henry Lanman and Tim Rogers in April and was soon added to commitments for the Arbolitos Subdivision as well as Santa Fe Estates to the north of the arroyo.

Making rapid progress on Aug. 16.




On August 9, a half-dozen volunteers gathered with the Trails Program Manager to clear and define much of the tread, completing much of the length of the trail but saving one particularly challenging arroyo crossing for another day.  On August 16, eight volunteers completed tread work on all but each end of the trail, including smoothing out various small gully crossings.  On Aug. 24, after the developer of Arbolitos arranged for the delivery of three yards of rock for the one steep arroyo crossing.  Volunteers helped move the rock – about 30 half-full wheelbarrows – into position near the arroyo so we can work on the crossing in early September.

Steve Washburn and Sue Murphy pose for the camera on the new tread

Aug. 24: Undaunted volunteers put some sweat equity into the trail

¡Ya mero! (almost done)

Test ride by David Munger

On Wed., Sept. 13, a group of 11 volunteers from the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society took on the big arroyo crossing, touched up smaller drainage crossings, and completed the east and west ends of the trail.  It’s finished!  Great work everybody and thank you, now we can enjoy the trail that we built.

Rocks in place, time to build tread

Tuning in on the tread

Well-deserved walk home on the finished product

Divvying up the spoils (pinoncitos)