Total Length:     Approximately 3 mile loop

Hiking/Running:     Yes

Bicycling:     Yes

Equestrian:     Yes

Motorized Vehicles:     No

Dog Friendly?     Yes, with leash


The Arroyo Hondo Open Space is an 86-acre parcel located southeast of Santa Fe, within the Sebastian de Vargas Land Grant. The Arroyo Hondo, a seasonal stream, flows along the southern boundary of the parcel. Interstate 25 is at the eastern boundary. The site is accessible from Old Agua Fria Road at the east boundary.
The property is a healthy ecosystem dominated by piñon and juniper. The Arroyo Hondo forms a canyon with riparian vegetation along the southern edge of the parcel. Above a historic dam, the Arroyo Hondo forms a seasonal wetland. The Arroyo Hondo Open Space sits at the center of a region of rich and diverse history. The site is between the upper and lower Arroyo Hondo Pueblos, both of which are visible from the site. The property features outstanding panoramic views.


In 2001, the land comprising the Arroyo Hondo Open Space was put up for sale by a private landowner, with initial intent of dividing the parcel up into residential lots. In response, the Arroyo Hondo Open Space Committee was formed to keep the area as an open, public access area. Through private donations that were matched by Santa Fe County, the committee was able to purchase the property, with the Santa Fe Conservation Trust acting as a fiscal agent. The property is now owned by Santa Fe County and managed by the Santa Fe County Open Space and Trails program.

During public meetings and site visits conducted in 2005-2006, a consensus was reached to leave the site in its natural state, have trails around the property and have the space available for education and research.

A grant obtained in 2004 from the US Forest Service was used to create an interpretive trail. Thirty 1/4 acre plots demonstrate six different methods of rehabilitation and fire mitigation, accompanied by signage describing the processes.

For more information, visit Santa Fe County’s website.