A young cyclist descends the brand new connection to the River Trail with Aspen Community Magnet School in the background

On Tuesday May 16, students and families from Aspen Community Magnet School and Gonzales Community School converged on bicycle or on foot at the new trail connection linking the River Trail in Alto Park to the school crossing of Alto St. at La Madera St.  The event, which was billed as a “Parade of Wolves” for the Aspen Gray Wolves and Gonzales Lobos, was organized both to encourage walking and bicycling as healthy forms of transportation and to recognize the City of Santa Fe’s significant efforts to make it easier to walk and bike in Santa Fe.

The first riders come in from Frenchy’s Field, with the rest of the convoy not far behind.

Between the cyclists headed to Gonzales and the walkers headed to Aspen, the crowd grew large very quickly!

City Councillor Renee Villarreal expresses her commitment to continue to improve walking and biking in Santa Fe

SFPS Board Member and event co-organizer Kate Nobel addresses the growing crowd

As the event winds down, the bell is about to ring at Aspen!

Thanks to the principals of Aspen and Gonzales for rallying their students to come to the event!

City River and Watershed Coordinator Melissa McDonald and event co-organizer Noah Long continue up the River Trail after the festivities

Participation far exceeded expectations as City Councillor Renee Villarreal, Santa Fe Public School Board member Kate Noble, and representatives of the Santa Fe Conservation Trust and La Familia Medical Center shared words of encouragement as well as determination to work together to continue to improve conditions for walking and biking to school, and to make Bike-to-School Day a District-wide initiative in the future.

In particular, the speakers recognized the contributions of City staff and Committee members responsible for trail improvements, and thanked the school crossing guards serving Aspen and Gonzales Schools, as well as the principals and staff at those schools for working together to make the event a success.

Thanks also go to Luke Pierpont of the Santa Fe River Commission and Noah Long of the Bike-to-Work Week planning team for helping make this event possible – including leading convoys to Alto Park from Frenchy’s Field and from La Familia Medical Center.

Sequoyah, the friendly wolf, feels the love

Also big thanks to La Montañita Co-op and the Betterday Coffee Shop and Kitchen for providing healthy snacks and coffee!