City v. County Challenge: BTAC members Frank Herdman and Shelly Robinson, with Chris White of the County and MPO Planner Erick Aune (at left) in tow – thanks for coordinating our Bike-to-Work Day efforts AGAIN, Erick!

City Councillor Joe Maestas (right) and Assistant County Manager Erik Aaboe (left)

City and County staff congregate in front of the stage. The City won the challenge again this year.

The goathead pinata rears its ugly head, thanks once again to Charlie Lehman, pinata maker, and Dan Guevara, pinata operator

Give the righty a chance

Close to bursting

Collecting the booty: Thanks go to BTI, Rob and Charlie’s, REI, Broken Spoke, and Santa Fe Trails

The Glow Ride sets off

An interesting mix of bikes brings up the rear