The original bridge (as seen in February) was getting a bit rickety after decades of service.

After a few scoping and preparation visits with members of the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society, the Trails Program Manager worked with ten volunteers to put in a new footbridge at the east end of Camino de las Animas.

Scoping visit with Brent Bonwell (right) of SFFTS on Mar. 1 turns out to be a chance to recruit a regular bridge user for volunteer service.

SFFTS President Brent Bonwell and Henry Lanman pre-assembled the main structure and brought it right to the arroyo-side to put it into place with eight more volunteers, including local community members who use the bridge.

Much like our previous bridge collaboration at Calle Lorca, we were visited by a variety of curious and appreciative neighbors.


Local mountain biker (left) dons work gloves for site preparation four days later, along with some other new volunteers logging hours for the Academy for Technology and the Classics.

May 15, 2016: SFFTS to the rescue!

Plenty of hands on deck!

First test run

Satisfied customers: First local neighbors cross the new bridge

The atmosphere turns festive as more neighbors visit, including the gentleman at right, who used the old bridge to walk to Wood Gormley Elemntary School as a young boy!

Final product gets a thumbs-up from super-volunteer Henry Lanman

Many thanks go to the City Parks Division for recognizing our ability to put this kind of neighborhood project together and for supplying the materials needed to put the new bridge toge