Capital High School’s Outdoors Club, with teachers Reid Burgess and Jen Bakevich

A dozen members of Capital High School’s Outdoors Club, along with two teachers, came out to the Wilderness Gate Trailhead on Oct. 14 to help out with trail maintenance in the South Section of Dale Ball Trails. ¬†The students focused on reducing erosion on a few problematic sections of the trail and helped out with the supplemental arrow signage we have been putting up throughout the system. Arranging the school bus was possible through the support of the Lineberry Foundation.

Helping post wayfinding signage at Junction 39.

Creating a grade reversal to shed storm water below Junction 39.








Many hands make light work of this significant “de-berming” effort just below Wilderness Gate Trailhead.



It was a productive and fun work day, and we look forward to working with the Club again in 2017.  Perhaps we can schedule a hike up Atalaya Mountain as well!