Showing off the tools of the trade to some curious future trail volunteers at Cerro Gordo Trailhead

On July 20, a handful of dedicated city trail volunteers met to take care of some last needs for pruning, wayfinding signage, and tread work around the old Sand Filter Plant site.

The area had recently been re-contoured and mulched by Youthworks volunteers on behalf of the City’s Parks and Recreation Dept., which has now taken over management of the site from the City Water Division.

Even after pruning, trail users will enjoy a wonderful arbor effect under this apple tree near the Santa Fe River


A new volunteer poses with improved tread north of the former building site, near the plaque for Two-Mile Dam, in background









Near the north junction with the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve Trail: Coming soon!



We are ready to work with The Nature Conservancy and the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society to bridge the final gap in the trail.