Diverting prospective storm water in La Tierra Trails, Apr. 4

The Trails Program Manager arranged for five trail work days in La Tierra Trails in April, including several visits by members of the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe to address erosion issues west of Junctions 9, 10, and 11, a work day between Junctions 20 and 22 including shoring up the old bridge near the “woops,” and corralling students from The Masters Program to help out on the Dog Park Connector and to help flag the course for the La Tierra Torture race which was held on April 28.  An additional trail work day in April focused on completing wayfinding signage with County volunteers for Little Tesuque Trail, La Piedra Trail, and nearby Dale Ball Trails.

Completing wayfinding signage for La Piedra and Little Tesuque Trails with County Volunteer Coordinator Carol Branch, April 14

“Mucking out” the tread in La Tierra Trails, April 19

Bridge repair, April 25

April 27: Daniel Tarango of The Masters Program is ready to help flag the route – after he puts his helmet on!