SWAN Park Opening Cruise2Twenty-seven cyclists participated in the first-ever Cross Town Community Cruise, spanning nearly ten miles from the Railyard Park to the City’s new SWAN Park, all downhill.  The City of Santa Fe provided the food and fun at the park.



Starting off at the Railyard Park


It was a wonderful opportunity to have a “destination-focused” cruise, and to use the Rail Trail, Acequia Trail, Arroyo de los Chamisos Trail, and Tierra Contenta’s Arroyo de los Chamisos Trail as the transportation network that they offer, with mellow on-road connectors where needed.  And a wonderful opportunity to get a few dozen people down to the new SWAN Park.

Simulating the future Acequia Trail underpass! This short stretch of multi-use trail along NMSD property, well separated from St. Francis Dr. traffic, will continue to be needed by two-way bike and pedestrian traffic after the underpass is built, in order to connect the Acequia Trail to the Rail Trail and other destinations to the south. Unfortunately, despite plenty of timely input to city staff and consultants, it is slated to be reduced to not much more than a wide sidewalk directly along St. Francis Dr.  Not very impressive for a Silver-level “Bicycle-Friendly Community”!

Catching up to some friends on the Arroyo de los Chamisos Trail, which we rode in its entirety.

A beautiful day for a bike ride on Gov. Miles Rd.

Tierra Contenta’s piece of the Arroyo de los Chamisos Trail

Celebration at the SWAN Park. Some locals (in background) came and went on foot.

A big thanks goes to Ecomotive Bikes who graciously provided return transport – back uphill to the Railyard – for four of the participants.

SWAN Park within earshot!

Self-selected VIP’s prepare for the uphill return trip courtesy of Eco-Motive Bikes. Thanks, Dan and Co.!