Steve Washburn and Mike EauClaire stand by a cleared-out culvert and refurbished gully crossing on Dale Ball Trails near the Canada Ancha.

Three volunteers met with the City Trail Volunteer at the “corral” parking lot for a morning of trail work on July 2.  After filling in some trailside gullies with rocks, the group moved up the trail along the Canada Ancha to create grade reversals above a few locations where storm water was turning the trail surface into a gully.


Manny Maes tamps down a new elevated trail surface that should serve to deflect drainage water off of the trail and into the Canada Ancha, at right.










Four volunteers returned on July 8 to re-visit some spots above Kachina Heights Dr. where we had worked last year.  This is a well-known problem section and we were happy to see that most of our work was still doing the job of removing water flows rom the trail surface.  Many spots however needed some touching up, and in a few locations we made sure to create more substantial grade reversals that will not need to be “touched up” on an annual basis.

Mike EauClaire finishes de-berming a corner above Kachina Heights Dr. where water can now go straight while trail users head right.

The previous night’s rains showed that one of last year’s bumps was still doing the job, but now it has been converted into a more substantial “nick” and grade reversal to ensure that water leaves the trail on a “more” permanent basis.