Mike EauClaire tamps down the outslope after removing part of a long berm, as Ken Howard forges ahead in the background.

On Sept. 3, three volunteers joined the Trails Program Manager to work on eroded trail sections in the central section of Dale Ball Trails.  The crew de-bermed and put in a few nicks and bumps to force water off of gullied parts of the trail between junctions 18 and 19.  A buried culvert south of Junction 19 was emptied and removed, perhaps to be recycled at a spot where it is needed to the north, along the Cañada Ancha.

Manny Maes observes how the first users fare on the newly-debermed section.






Volunteers returned to this area on Sept. 15 to work on similar issues south and north of Junction 19, nearly up to the location at the top of the ridge known as “the shrine.”

Mike Mellon takes on a berm just south of Junction 19


(1) Loose rocks form the berm on the inside of a turn; traverse in foreground has been “de-bermed” to allow water to drain.

(2) Loose rocks along the turn have been removed so that future water flows, and more loose rocks, can leave the trail tread.