De-berming a steep and gullied section of trail in Dale Ball Trails South.

Five volunteers and the Trails Program Manager met at Cerro Gordo Trailhead to work on erosion issues on the climb to Junction 30 above the “green gate.”  This section of City trail climbs up toward Picacho Peak on land being preserved by The Nature Conservancy.  The re-route we worked on last November at the bottom is still in good shape, but the trail in the canyon above the old hydro-power ditch has been hit hard by storm drainage this summer.

With McLeod and pick-mattock in hand, this new volunteer helped make a difference on city trails on his first day on the “job.”




A little teamwork goes a long way to make this gully be gone.





We focused on de-berming and small grade reversals in various locations that had developed into gullies below Junction 30.  It was good to see the some of last Summer’s work in this area was still holding up well.  A few chronically steep and gullied sections may require small re-routes in the future, but for the most part this rugged trail seems in fairly good shape to weather another season now.