Work on the South Section of Dale Ball Trails took place as a transition from working on the Dale Ball Connector Trail on the other side of Cerro Gordo Trailhead. Over the course of several work days we added some directional signage, dispersed a fallen tree, blocked off a short cut, and “de-sloughed” much of the old re-route on Nature Conservancy Land above the “green gate.”  The de-sloughing served to widen the trail and moderate the outslope to make for easier use on the stretch around the crossing of the Acequia del Llano.

New signage to help trail users find their way up Dale Ball Trails – South

De-sloughing the old re-route behind the green gate, Dale Ball Trails – South, June 21.

Assembling the crew morning of June 28

De-sloughing eases the grade above the Acequia del Llano

Directional assistance to get to Dale Ball Trails – South (don’t follow Mike!)