Stephen Washburn shows the first step of tread-building to a new recruit who we met on a previous work day.


Hard labor at the rock pile.








Eight volunteers joined the Trail Volunteer Coordinator to continue work on the re-route on Dale Ball Trails above Junction 29.  We bolstered up some of the remaining loose areas along the acequia bank with rock retaining walls and a few railroad ties and completed the trail across the meadow to the “Green Gate” at Junction 29, on Upper Canyon Rd.

Broadcasting from Dale Ball Trails (Fore!)

We have used up all the big and medium-sized rocks.  Out rockpile crew has turned our enormous heap of rocks into three very small rockpiles and some dirt.  We broke another MacLeod tooth – doh!   From now on, picking at rocks is for picks!


A lot of work for a little more trail width.







There is still touch-up work to do and one tight turn that we can straighten out, with the help of the remaining rocks and dirt in the pile.  Next week we will have an official opening and finally close the steep trail on the PNM easement.  Until then trail users can choose whichever route they please.


Four guys, one rock. (Tool by Steve.)


Whatever it takes!