Railyard Park Tour with Christy Downs

On Aug, 29 the Executive Director and Trails Program Manager, along with Railyard Conservancy director Christy Downs, met at the Railyard Community Room with conservation and parks professionals from five nations who were brought to Santa Fe by the Council for International Relations.

After discussion of conservation strategies and activities in Santa Fe and around the world, and a tour of the Railyard Park, the visitors met with the Trails Program Manager at Cerro Gordo Trailhead in the afternoon for a participatory exercise in trail maintenance (and hike) in the South section of Dale Ball Trails.

Ready to hit the trail at Cerro Gordo Parking lot with visitors from Peru, China, Nigeria, Canada, and Hungary.

Smelling the ponderosas is not just for kids!








De-berming in action, under the watchful eye of SFCT and CIR super-volunteer Anna Hargreaves (2nd from right)



After reviewing safety measures, tools, and erosion control techniques, and taking a look at some of the past work done in the area, the group provided some preventive maintenance in the form of de-berming some sections of trail on the way to Junction 30.  Then we put down the tools and headed up to the peak of the “First Hump” to take in the wonderful view of the upper Santa Fe River valley and beyond.

Back at the trailhead with “Apple” before the rain hit