June 8, 2024 @ 8:00 am – 3:30 pm
Cottonwood Trailhead
Thornton Ranch Rd
Lamy, NM 87540
Melissa Houser

A Collaborative Learning Workshop by Kirk Gadzia of Resource Management Services, LLC, Jan-Willem Jansens of Ecotone Landscape Planning, LLC, and Melissa Houser of Santa Fe Conservation Trust

During this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to conduct a Bullseye Survey of a rangeland area. We will start with a general introduction to the principles of rangeland health and monitoring of rangeland health conditions. We will review the Ecological Site Descriptions (ESD) and the ESD map for the area. Participants will receive printouts of the EDS map and the Bullseye forms. After that, we will do a group demonstration of the Bullseye monitoring method together to calibrate and demonstrate the methodology.  After the group demo, participants will work in small groups and complete Bullseye monitoring in three different areas. Groups will receive coaching during their Bullseye monitoring work.

After each monitoring session groups will report back and receive feedback and guidance. Groups will be asked to reconcile differences in interpretation to ensure that results across the property are calibrated with each other as best as possible. The day concludes with an overview of everyone’s findings and what this might mean for management recommendations for the property.

Participants who are interested in returning to conduct monitoring will have an opportunity to conduct follow-up Bullseye monitoring in late September 2024. People who have completed both monitoring sessions will be invited to join the Trust’s Rangeland Monitoring Guild and participate in annual Bullseye monitoring sessions to track rangeland health at the Galisteo property.

Participants are encouraged to download and read the book Bullseye! Targeting Your Rangeland Health Objectives by Kirk Gadzia and Todd Graham, Vs. 2, 2013. This field guide can be downloaded from the Quivira Coalition website (Bullseye! Targeting Your Rangeland Health Objectives – Quivira Coalition).

Participants need to be available for the entire workshop from 8 am to 3 pm. Lunch will be provided. Please register for the workshop by emailing Name, Phone, Sandwich choice to Melissa Houser 

Sandwich Options – Ham, Turkey, Veggie or Vegan