Ready to go at the Calabasas Trailhead, La Tierra Trails

Eleven summer campers and two staff members from GCCC came out to the Calabasas Trailhead for our first-ever field trip to La Tierra Trails.  After some trailhead orientation and distribution of fine hiking swag thanks to the S.L. Gimbel Foundation, we headed across the road and west, via junctions 1 and 7,  to the top of the new “Flow Trail.”  From there we hiked about one mile down a ridge with beautiful views of surrounding mountains.


Stopping at Junction 6 to discuss La Tierra’s plants, animals, rocks, and archaeology.  And drink some water.

After passing by the bottom of the “Flow Trail,” we stopped near the Arroyo de las Calabasas for lunch and distribution of the “Passport to Santa Fe’s Foothill Trails” for new hikers, and La Tierra Trails stickers for the campers who already had passports – three of whom now have three of the four stickers they need to earn a Camelbak hydration pack.

This mountain biker at the bottom of the Flow Trail had great things to say about it. He came to La Tierra Trails from Albuquerque because it’s closer than Angel Fire.

The campers demonstrated outstanding attitudes: happy to hike, interested in learning about La Tierra Trails, and interested in how they can get more stickers in their passports.

Filling out the “Passport to Santa Fe’s Foothill Trails”….           La Tierra Trails: Check!

Heading back to the trailhead: Antenna in sight!

The last of four hikes with the GCCC Summer Campers was another good one. Thanks all and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Heading up the next ridge to the south, we made our way back to the Calabasas Trailhead to conclude the hike and to finish the series of four hikes with GCCC summer campers.  It was a great season, thanks to Jason and Caitlin of GCCC and to all of the kids who came on hikes.  And thanks to the City of Santa Fe and the S.L. Gimbel Foundation for supporting this fun and healthy activity.