In May 2016, the Trails Program Manager took 250 hikers on twelve field trips to the Dale Ball Trails, thanks to generous support from the Lineberry Foundation to cover transportation costs and some staff time.  The total included 223 children and 27 teachers or parents from El Camino Real Academy (4th and 5th Graders), Nina Otero Community School (4th Graders), and Tierra Encantada Charter School (Middle and High Schoolers).

Nina Otero Community School: Fourth Graders

Mr. Beebe’s Fourth Graders climb up to Upper Canyon Rd., morning of May 5








Miss Bass’s class gets ready to head up toward Picacho Peak, afternoon of May 5








Miss Searcey’s class finds a calm moment at the viewpoint below Picacho Peak, morning of May 12








Mr. Benton’s class: First to climb the “first hump,” above Junction 30, afternoon of May 12








El Camino Real Academy: Fourth Graders

Miss Gersh’s class celebrates reaching the viewpoint below Picacho Peak, May 10








Mr. Bass’s class gets ready to release some butterflies at Cerro Gordo Trailhead, morning of May 17







Mr. Tyson’s class at the viewpoint below Picacho Peak, afternoon of May 17









El Camino Real Academy: Fifth Graders

Miss Rodriguez’s class relaxes on a fossil-laden rock along the Nature Conservancy trail, morning of May 16


Miss Castillo’s Class: The first group to complete their Passport to Trails and cash in for Camelbaks!!!! (afternoon of May 16)








Miss Young’s class ready to roll at Cerro Gordo Trailhead, morning of May 18







Miss Pacheco’s class at the old “silt skirt” above Two-Mile Pond, afternoon of May 18








Tierra Encantada Charter School

Tierra Encantada High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers bag Atalaya Mountain, with absolutely no complaints!  May 6