Off to Picacho Peak from the Cerro Gordo Trail

Twelve City Summer Campers and two counselors from the Genoveva Chavez Community Center hiked up to Picacho Peak on June 9, the first field trip for kids to make it to the top!  Campers received hiking kits provided through support from the S.L Gimbel Foundation and earned their “Dale Ball trails – North” sticker for the Passport to Santa Fe’s Foothill Trails.  Thanks to the City of Santa Fe’s Recreation Division for helping to get more kids out on our trails.

Visiting the Acequia del Llano on the way

Hiking up to the peak, thistle in bloom

First field trip to make it to the top!

View of Four-Mile Pond and the Cerro Gordo Trailhead (including the GCCC van!)


And for our next lesson – water filters (next stop Santa Fe River)

Jason Kirby administers first aid at the peak