Through the support of the Frost Foundation, Partners in Education, and the City of Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Conservation Trust is guiding nearly 400 elementary school children, teachers, and parent-chaperones on 15 field trips to the South Section of Dale Ball Trails in April and May.  Many Fifth Graders received a brand new hydration pack for completing the four sections of their Passport to Trails.  Below are some of the highlights of these fun and healthy outings for local kids on our wonderful trails.

Nina Otero Community School, Fifth Grade Classes

Mr. King’s Class, with Mr. Roth, April 9

Mr. Bowlin’s Class, April 9









Ms. Flores’s Class, April 10













Ms. Ortega’s Class, April 10















Nina Otero Community School, Fourth Grade Classes

Ms. Walter’s Class, April 30







Ms. Ortiz’s Class, with Coach Lujan, May 1









Mr. Norris’s Class, May 1 – Sorry no photo!

Camino Real Academy, Fifth Grade Classes

Ms. Menter’s Class, May 3







Mr. Perez’s Class, May 7
















Mr. Barbero’s Class, May 10










Camino Real Academy, Fourth Grade Classes

Ms. Osuna’s Class, May 16















Ms. Mierley’s Class, May 16

















Ms. Gersh’s Class, May 17 – Our 100th Field Trip since 2014!!!!















Mr. Gorman’s Class, May 17










Atalaya Elementary School, Fifth Grade Classes

Miss Gebbia’s and Miss Abeyta’s Classes, May 21