GUSTO Communications and Outreach Committee

GUSTO Committee:   Communications and Outreach

Deliverables:  Website, Presentation Materials, Social Media for Civic Engagement


  • Develop and maintain a project website with interactive features (such as uploading potential trail routes, photos, forum for discussion)
  • Utilize social media and My Sidewalk as tools to engage a broader public audience in GUSTO planning (issues, goals, strategies)
  • Identify community groups and events (additional project partners) to inform about GUSTO and invite into process
  • Develop printed project outreach materials (brochure, tabletop displays, etc.)
  • Develop logo or brand for GUSTO trails network
  • Recruit local media (print & digital) to participate with Committee and write feature articles., blogs promoting GUSTO concept

Lead from Steering Committee: Rachel Wexler, New Mexico Department of Health

Other Members:  Attila Bality (NPS/RTCA), Manny Maes, Charlie O’Leary

This Committee inherited the following tasks from the Promotion & Events Committee

  • Organize “familiarization tours” for  community leaders to learn about GUSTO
  • Coordinate “site visits” along preferred alternative corridors as a civic engagement strategy.
  • Identify several key community events to participate in to raise awareness about GUSTO