Mapping and Route Planning

GUSTO Committee:           Mapping, Gap Analysis, & Route Planning

DELIVERABLE:              Preferred alternative recommendation for each missing segment


  • Study Area groups evaluate existing trail alignments to determine consistency with proposed GUSTO loop and spokes
  • Review existing trails & bikeway planning documents (City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization, Santa Fe National Forest, BLM, NM State Parks, Galisteo Basin Preserve) to determine if proposed corridor alignments would fit into proposed GUSTO loop and spokes
  • Identify critical gaps in loop and spokes (by Areas 1-8, possibly w/Inner & Outer Loops)
  • Develop reasonable alternatives (1-3) for each connection that needs to be made
  • Coordinate with event planning committee to host public hikes/ride reconnaissance trips along segment alternatives
  • Using criteria developed based on work by Criteria / Guidelines committee, evaluate each alternative for each segment and make recommendations on preferred alternative to steering committee
  • Next Step for GUSTO:   Study Area groups prioritize specific connections to be pursued based on demand, connectivity, and specific opportunities relating to funding, development, and other planning activities

Lead from Steering Committee: Tim Rogers ()

Other members: “Study Area Champions” Andy Otto, Tim Fowler, Bill Johnson, Charlie O’Leary, Quinn Simons, Stephen Newhall, and Margaret Alexander