Starting out on the Rail Trail

In conjunction with the Railyard Park Conservancy’s celebration of Earth Day at the Railyard, SFCT held a community bicycle ride along the Acequia Madre and the Santa Fe River, starting and ending at the Railyard Park on April 21, 2018.  This “Happy Earth Day Cruise” focused on green infrastructure, such as “rain gardens” and “lagunitas,” along City streets and trails that turn the challenge of storm-water management into an opportunity to nurture and improve our urban environment.


Solange Serquis describes water-related elements of the design of the Acequia Trail Underpass

The ride featured guest speakers at the Acequia Trail underpass, Cristobal Colon basins, and the “Maize Storm Drain” and adjacent Santa Fe River features, as well as stops at locations of interest along W. and E. Alameda St. at Sicomoro St., Cathedral Pl., and El Alamo St.

Trying out the underpass to head down the Acequia Madre

Scott Ishishara of San Isidro Permaculture desribes the Cristobal Colon Basins in Larragoite Park

We returned to the Railyard Park along the freshly-cleaned Acequia Madre and via a piece of “green infrastructure” that SFCT had a hand in improving: a footbridge on Camino de las Animas that was replaced with help from the City Parks Division, the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society, and other city trail volunteers in 2016.

A full Happy Earth Day Cruise Itinerary is available listing the speakers and participants who contributed to create this wonderful green infrastructure on behalf of the City and the general public.

The City’s River and Watershed Coordinator , Melissa McDonald, at a “ripple” in the Santa Fe River


A stormwater retention feature at W. Alameda and Sicomoro St., developed with help from Aaron Kauffman of Southwest Urban Hydrology

River Trail at Alto Park

The City’s newest piece of River Trail, west of Defouri St.

Taking a break along the river at Cathedral Pl.

Athena Beshur of Seeds of Wisdom describes how water flows through her installation at Cathedral Pl.

After some attrition, the Cruise assembles at Athena’s installation along E. Alameda St. near El Alamo Dr.

Camino de las Animas bridge, part of a relatively traffic-free route back to the Railyard

Back in the Railyard Park, we are greeted by the “Car-Lite Family” as Matthew Kreitman of Bike Santa Fe promotes upcoming bike education activities