Dale Ball Trails Central & Santa Fe Canyon Preserve, June 20

Twelve City Summer Campers and two staff members joined the Trails Program Manager at Cerro Gordo Trailhead on June 20 for a trip up into Dale Ball Trails – Central and around through the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve.

This group of City Summer Campers made it up to “Junction 23” – the farthest trip up into Dale Ball Central yet – before fatigue (the heat) set in.

Cool rock! (Let us know if you know what it is)

Slacking off at Two-Mile Pond on the return trip.

Dale Ball Trails North, La Piedra Trail, and Little Tesuque Trail, June 23

Nine Summer Campers and two counselors returned to Dale Ball Trails on June 23 for a “record-breaking” expedition from Sierra del Norte Trailhead to the length of the La Piedra and Little Tesuque Trails.  This journey was made possible by shuttling the van to the trailhead off of Hyde Park Rd. near Nuns’ Curve.

Looking back toward the trailhead, we also got a glimpse of the Doghead Fire in the distance.

Interpretive sign with a view on La Piedra Trail

After crossing the Arroyo de La Piedra, every step was a new field-trip record!

Stopping to check out a blooming cholla cactus

Top of La Piedra

Enjoying a ponderosa on the way down La Piedra Trail

A shady spot along Little Tesuque Creek

Congratulations, Michael!  Showing off his fourth and final sticker, for Dale Ball Trails North, Michael is the first City Summer Camper to cash in a completed passport for a Camelbak!