The sign in transit: Charlie O’Leary at a resting point along the way in Dale Ball Trails

For a closer up view, click on this photo, but if you really want to read it, go take a hike!

The Santa Fe Conservation Trust worked with Santa Fe County to produce an interpretive sign for placement at an overlook on the La Piedra Trail.  The sign points out the mountains and other land features in view and provides information on local history, flora, and fauna.


A group effort at the overlook

On May 21, Santa Fe County Volunteer Coordinator Carol Branch met with SFCT staff, County staff, and trail volunteers, including official County Trail Steward for the La Piedra Trail, Peter Olson, to put the sign up.

Carol Branch, Charlie O’Leary, Tim Rogers, and Peter Olson pose with the finished product

County Manager Katharine Miller cuts the tape on June 5, a celebration of National Trails Day.

On June 5, as a celebration of National Trails Day, a community hike was organized to visit the sign, attended by County and City staff as well as the general public.  Santa Fe County provided sandwiches and drinks which were thoroughly enjoyed up at the overlook.