May 13 Grade reversal underway

Near final product (to be revisited May 20)

City trail volunteers turned their attention to La Tierra Trails in May, continuing to meet in small groups with the Trails Program Manager.

On May 13 and 20, volunteers built several dips and grade reversals to direct storm drainage out of the gullied, “fall-line” trail east of Junction 2, in addition to removing problematic berms and building a short re-route to improve drainage.

May 20 revisit, extending berm toward the dip to benefit downhill cyclists

Re-route out of the gully, May 20







Trailside prickly pear blossoms

Trailside Claret cup blossoms

On May 27 volunteers worked to improve the tread and drainage from three grade reversals on the “wide trail” that connects the NM599 underpass to La Cuchara and Frijoles Trailheads.  On June 3, volunteers moved back to more typical gullied single-track, northwest of Junctions 10 and 11, to improve drainage and tread at existing and new grade-reversals.

May 27: Sandy grade reversal where the meadow trail meets the wide trail (before)

May 27: After replacing sand with dirt and filling in undesired drainage ditch

Further up the wide trail: Extending berm uptrail to reduce slope (May 27)

Third location on the wide trail, similar treatment (May 27)

Packing down a grade reversal for a new drainage point above a long gully, north of Junction 11 (June 3)