Not the most glorious work for our volunteers, but what a difference a morning made! (July 25)

The “Dog Park Connector” is a GUSTO demonstration project to help create a long-awaited connection through city open space out to La Tierra Trails via the “Montoyas Trail” and underpass under the Relief Route.

The GUSTO demonstration comprises the northern six-tenths of a mile of the alignment between two existing City Open Space gates.  The task of completing the route to Frank Ortiz Park at Camino de las Crucitas, a distance of about one-quarter mile by road, will fall to the City’s Trails Engineering Section under the direction of the Bicycle and Trails Advisory Committee.

Former encampment #1, all cleaned up


Why stop when we can make it two?







The Dog Park Connector was originally flagged with assistance from Henry Lanman and Steve Washburn in December 2016.  An archaeological review in June and July of 2017 was conducted with the support of the Larsen Fund.

Second work day, on Aug. 2, picked up where the previous one left off.

Work on the trail began with trash removal by some very dedicated trail volunteers on the morning of July 25.  A group of six volunteers joined the Trails Program Manager to focus on the south end of the trail along Camino de los Montoyas, collecting a significant amount of scattered debris and removing the contents of two former encampments.  Although the task was daunting while underway, after a half-day of trail work by a half-dozen volunteers, the results were surprisingly impressive.  A return visit with four volunteers on Aug. 2 focused on trash remaining around the former encampment area and a nearby dumping ground, but included a first sweep of the remainder of the 0.6-mile trail north to the gate at the crossing to the “Montoyas Trail,” near the Relief Route.  Trash removal continued on Aug. 16 and 24.

Visiting to remove more trash on the Dog Park Connector after a morning of trail work elsewhere, Aug. 16

Will work for food! Trash removal continued on Aug. 24 before the marathon workday shifted to moving rocks for the nearby Arbolitos Trail.