“De-berming” refers to removing rocks, dirt, and debris from the lower edge of the trail so that water can exit rather than creating a gully.

Six volunteers joined SFCT’s “City Trail Volunteer Coordinator” at the Calabasas Trailhead to conduct maintenance work between Junctions 1 and 7 and between Junctions 1 and 2 in La Tierra Trails.  The work consisted primarily of de-berming and nicks.  We also cleared a few drainage spots that had been created in the past.  We are focusing on “subtractive” techniques to get water off of the trail without adversely impacting the trail tread and user experience.


More de-berming between Junctions 1 and 2. Just add duff!





We also paid a visit to the future starting point of the “Flow Trail,” for which Santa Fe Fat Tire Society has received archaeological clearances and a small piece of the City’s Trails Bond Re-Allocation.  SFCT is coordinating this effort between the City and SFFTS.  The trail will be designed by IMBA’s Trail Solutions team and built with the help of YOU, the city trail volunteers (Thank you!).  Construction date still to be determined.