Filling in a deep and long gully within the wide, gravel-coated trail near Frijoles Trailhead

Thanks to moderate temperatures, we were able to continue volunteer trail work into December.  On Dec. 8, we focused on the wide trail between Frijoles and Calabasas Trailheads that is considered a “Regional Multi-Use Trail” under the La Tierra Trails Master Plan.

Volunteers head to the next gully to be tackled

We have been reluctant to work on this trail in the past because it is not a “natural-surface” trail but rather was built wide like a road and covered with gravel.  Erosion problems resulting from this design can go well beyond what we deal with on natural-surface, single-track trails, but we decided to give it a shot.  We ended up treating three problem spots by rerouting storm water away from the trail across and filling in two sharp gullies above concrete arroyo crossings.

Putting in a grade reversal above the next gully (filled in, in background) should help prevent its re-appearance.

Preventing problems at a third gully running down the middle of the trail involved encouraging storm water to cross the trail, in foreground.