The switch to La Tierra Trails brought out new recruits for future trail work

On July 12, eleven volunteers converged on the northwest corner of La Tierra Trails to start work on a long-discussed reroute of a braided section of trail north of Junction 5.  The group included two brand new recruits as well as a third new recruit who stopped during a bike ride by with a friend to check out our work.

An equestrian visitor as we scope out the re-route.

The apparent double-track at right is really a quadruple-track that has resulted from users on foot, bike, or horse avoiding mud. Volunteers at upper left chart a new route that will better shed storm water and snow melt.

No lack of advice for Henry Lanman on how best to route the new trail across the old.




We returned on July 19 with another healthy cast of nine volunteers to continue the re-route north.  On July 26 we held another work day to focus on getting storm drainage off of problematic sections of existing trail adjacent to the re-route, north and south of Junction 5.

The second work day, on July 19, was another hot one, and we were long gone by noon.




On July 26, we returned to more “traditional” strategies to get the water off the tread before resuming the re-route.  When we are finished with the work, trail users will surely let us know which approach to these problematic sections they like best.

Thanks go to local landowners (and fellow trail lovers) who allowed us easier access to the trails via an otherwise locked gate.  We can all contribute to better trails in various ways!