Past SFCT Online Chats:


Sam Finn, Peter Lipscomb, Francois-Marie Patorni & Terry Smith

April 29, 2021  ∙  6:30pm

Roundtable Discussion on Responsible Lighting for Santa Fe

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We were thrilled with the turnout for our Dark Skies earthLINES Online Chat on April 29, 2021, which featured Sam Finn, Peter Lipscomb, Francois-Marie Patorni, and Terry Smith.  What a discussion!  We are so grateful for their time, expertise and passion for lighting that is healthy for humans (and critters)!

We also sincerely thank all those that tuned in and took part with interest in responsible street lighting and the preservation of dark skies. Questions from the public and answers from the panelists have been compiled here:

Please visit our website at to learn more about SFCT’s efforts to educate about, and preserve our beloved dark night skies.

Feel free to share with anyone who missed the Chat or might be interested.


Gabe Vasquez & Kevin Bixby

March 31, 2021   ∙   6:30PM

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March 31, 2021

Join these two outspoken NM conservation advocates, activists, and change-makers as they discuss answers to the questions below and to your questions as well!

  • We are facing a global extinction crisis. How are humans impacting this loss and what will humankind lose if it continues?
  • Specifically, what is the toll on native wildlife due to climate change, human behavior, and loss of habitat?
  • How do we ensure outdoor equity and create a new generation of conservationists to protect the web of life we know as nature?

What is rewilding, how does it fit in the global 30 x 30 initiative, and how important are local conservation efforts to the bigger picture?

Laura Paskus & Bill deBuys

DECEMBER 9, 2020   ∙   6:30PM

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We are proud to bring together two distinguished environmental writers for an online and up-front conversation about what climate change really means in New Mexico – one of the fastest warming states in the country!  Stories about places we know and love. What is happening in nature, on our local lands and in our state, and what is not happening to counteract the impact and why.

Laura Paskus, whose new book, At the Precipice: New Mexico’s Changing Climate, was just published by UNM Press.  Leading the discussion will be Bill deBuys, author of A Great Aridness, Climate Change and the Future of the Southwest.  Bill was one of the founders of SFCT!