Mike EauClaire ponders the blue gnome below the new sign for Junction 30 in the South section of Dale Ball Trails, Sept. 22.

Numerous work days in September and October were dedicated to installing the long-awaited, new junction signs on Dale Ball Trails, as well as updating and adding to the supplemental arrow signs that help ensure users can find their way through the trails.

The new signage is modeled after the heavier-duty construction used in La Tierra Trails.







Thanks to the City Parks and Recreation Division, which paid for the signage, hardware, and posts where needed, and to our wonderful volunteers, we were able to replace signage at all 34 junctions that are within the City’s jurisdiction.

Old vs. new: Trail users have already expressed their preference, and gratitude!

Work on the supplemental arrows, which were found throughout the South section but almost not at all in the Central and North sections of Dale Ball Trails, will be ongoing into November.  By the end of October we had just about finished posting new wayfinding arrows at junctions in Dale Ball North and South.  These arrows will really pay off to ensure that less familiar users don’t get lost and that even those that know the trails will understand their options a little better.

Regina Valencia sets up a mobile workshop for supplemental arrow signs, Oct. 13.

Anna Hargreaves, Patti Jenkins, and Rusty Rodke at the new, improved Junction 28, Oct. 5.









Now that all forty-four Dale Ball junction signs are up, work on the supplemental arrows signs is being mixed into regular trail maintenance work, as shown here below Junction 10 (Oct. 19).



Students from Capital High School’s Outdoors Club helped out with the arrow signs in Dale Ball Trails’ South Section (Oct. 14).








As part of this activity, Santa Fe County put up their ten Dale Ball signs on Talaya Open Space (around Picacho Peak) as well in October.  The County is getting ready to install six new La Piedra and Little Tesuque Trail junction signs to complete the set of fifty new junction signs.  We will collaborate with County Volunteer Coordinator Carol Branch to ensure that the supplemental arrow signs are updated and completed as well.

Posting supplemental arrow signage at Junction 3, Oct. 25

One of the few spots on the main “1-2-3” loop that continues to need help with drainage (Oct. 25)

Fifth-Graders from Nina Otero Community School get in on the action, Oct. 26