Volunteers from The Masters Program and TAOSF start work on Sept. 15 at “Junction 43,” where the Dale Ball Trails meet Atalaya Trail.

In Fall of 2017, we are working with County Volunteer Coordinator Carol Branch to put up wayfinding signage on the County sections of the Dale Ball and Connecting Trails, including Talaya Hill (Dale Ball Trails – South), La Piedra Trail, and Little Tesuque Trail.

We visited Talaya Hill on Sept. 15 and 22.  Our primary source of volunteers is The Masters Program along with members of the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe.

Having completed the sign post work with TMP students in September, we will re-visit the area with arrow plaques to be installed with assistance from Capital High School’s Outdoors Club in October.  This work completes the significant signage effort that we started on City trails last year, with support of the City Parks and Recreation Dept.

Volunteers get ready to carry re-purposed water bars up to Castle Rock and toward Picacho Peak.

At junction 42, above Castle Rock, we were lucky enough to be a stop on Dale and Ted’s “excellent adventure.”

In a follow-up visit to adjacent city trails, Anna Hargreaves stands by a beefed-up grade reversal south of Junction 38 on Sept. 27.

A rainy day is a great time to observe how our trails drain storm water.