County Volunteer Coordinator Carol Branch leads the way toward the Spur Trail. In the background is SFCC’s Fitness Center, where “Bike to School Day” will be celebrated the morning of May 4.

City and County volunteer coordinators teamed up with students and faculty from The Masters Program and a few more trail volunteers to hammer out most of the Spur Trail connector on SFCC campus on April 15.

After several scoping visits in March and April, the route had been well-flagged and marked for this work day, so it was quick going clearing and grubbing the way toward the Spur Trail.

We are looking forward to celebrating and showing off this new trail as a GUTS Demonstration Project on May 4, “National Bike to School Day.”

Making progress toward the Spur Trail. Once this connector is opened, it will take 1.5 miles off of the trip from the Rail Trail to SFCC.


The crew moves on down the line, completing about 3/4 of the new trail in a single work day.