Santa Fe Conservation Trust and volunteers with the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe led 42 work days in 2022, including 16 in La Tierra Trails, 11 in Dale Ball Trails and Dorothy Stewart Trail, 11 in SFCT’s Conservation Homestead in the Galisteo Basin, three in The Nature Conservancy’s Santa Fe Canyon Preserve, and one in Cerrillos Hills State Park.  Volunteers on these work days put in 731 hours building and maintaining trails, including over 400 on city trails (La Tierra, Dale Ball, and Dorothy Stewart), over 250 hours on the Conservation Homestead, and nearly fifty hours in the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve.

Construction of La Tierra Chilli Line Trail footbridges with assistance of Santa Fe Fat Tire Society’s Brent Bonwell, Henry Lanman, and Bill Roth, with several more volunteers, March 2022

De-berming to keep a trail out-sloped, Dale Ball Trails north section, April 2022

Peter Olson demonstrates a simple method to help work in the tread, Conservation Homestead South Trail, April 2022

Tim Rogers takes a turn on Peter Olson’s motorcycle, April 2022

Peter Olson demonstrates how to work in a trail tread in moderate terrain, Conservation Homestead South Trail, April 2022

Trails Alliance of Santa Fe volunteers put the final touches on the second footbridge for the La Tierra Chili Line Trail, April 2022

Second Chili Line footbridge operational in La Tierra Trails, April 2022


Conferring with Jan-Willem Jansens of Ecotone Landscape Planning at the start of a work day at the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve, May 2022

Letting trail users through while helping build the accessible trail at the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve, May 2022

Crew leaders from Santa Fe Fat Tire Society and students from Santa Fe Prep gather to help build the South Trail on the Conservation Homestead, May 2022

Roughing in a bench cut for the South Trail on the Conservation Homestead, May 2022

Calling it a day on the South Trail, May 2022

Heading back from a solid morning of work on the South Trail, May 2022

Jay Sessions takes a break from de-sloughing the Cerro Gordo Trailhead Connector, May 2022

De-sloughing the Cerro Gordo Trailhead Connector in Dale Ball Trails, May 2022

Ken Howard enjoys the view of the Conservation Homestead from the top of a small spur off of the South Trail, June 2022

South Trail under construction on top of the “Big Hill,” June 2022

Bringing the South Trail across a pair of gulleys on the way down from the “Big Hill” in the Conservation Homestead, July 2022

Routing storm water off of a fall-line section of trail in the southern part of Dale Ball Trails, July 2022

Trail Volunteer of the Year Lorrey Muellenberg puts finishing touches on an erosion control structure in the middle section of Dale Ball Trails, August 2022

Storm drainage diversions under construction above Junction 22 Trailhead in La Tierra Trails, August 2022

Bringing signage down to the Woops, passing by a “Zuni bowl”-style erosion control structure built by volunteers on a previous work day in La Tierra Trails (September 2022)

A Dale Ball Trails work crew above the footbridge over the Canada Ancha, September 2022

Paul Hewitt marks the spot for wayfinding signage on the North Trail in the Conservation Homestead, September 2022

Revisiting a familiar problem meadow trail in La TIerra Trails, September 2022

Repairing the ramp down to the Relief Route underpass in La Tierra Trails, October 2022

Connecting up to the North Trail on the Conservation Homestead in October


Final trail work day of the year, Nov. 23, putting some finishing touches on the accessible trail in the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve