Rock work along the Cañada Ancha north of Dale Ball Trails Junction 13, Aug. 1

A surprise visit with, and hand from, Ted Harrison, whom we heartily congratulated for recent success to preserve Galisteo Basin trails!

Before: Major problem spot originally identified by Tim Fowler of SFFTS

After: Three volunteers stand by sorely-needed work to reconstruct the crossing






Aug. 3: Chris C. and Chris W. helped haul rock to this arroyo crossing for “Margaret’s Trail” at the top of the Cañada Rincon

Aug. 6: Margaret’s Trail, Rock crossing completed

Aug. 8: Two new recruits stand by a beefed up grade reversal in Dale Ball Trails above Kachina Heights Dr.


Aug. 8: Many hands make light work, turning a deep gully into a nicely outsloped tread

Aug. 16: Long de-berm with grade reversal in Dale Ball Trails North Section

Aug. 16: Filling in a gully on a notorious turn

Aug. 22: Continuing to de-berm up the hill to Dale Ball Trails’ Junction 10

Aug. 30 we crossed Hyde Park Rd. to try to keep storm water off of the trail above Cañada Ancha