Grade reversal in La Tierra Trails, June 13

The Trails Program Manager met up with five volunteers at La Tierra Trails the morning of June 13, including three members of the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe and two new recruits.  We removed loose rocks from the tread and improved storm drainage south and east of Junction 2.  …Just in time for the monsoons, we hope!

On June 20, we headed over to work on a trail in Santa Fe Estates that continues the alignment of the Arbolitos Trail to connect to the top of the paved Canada Rincon Trail – a significant link for the GUSTO initiative that was also prioritized as a natural-surface connection in Santa Fe’s Metropolitan Bicycle Master Plan of 2012.

Ken Howard loads up some good rock for an arroyo crossing, Arbolitos Subdivision work in the background, June 20

We had been talking about fixing up this “informal trail” for a long time.  It is in fact a formal alignment shown in subdivision documents but was ultimately created by users.  The trail just needed a little tender loving care in the form of tread definition, pruning, and a short re-route.  We also gathered rocks into the wheelbarrow to help create a better arroyo crossing near the bottom of the trail.

Back in Dale Ball Trails, this “de-berming” will serve to drain stormwater off of the ridgeline trail above La Piedra Junction, June 27

As things heated up, we headed up to Dale Ball Trails, North Section, on June 27 to rebuild a grade reversal, de-berm, and remove loose rocks from the tread along the ridgeline that includes La Piedra junction.  With all of the forest and some County trails closed, the popular 1-2-3 loop was buzzing with hikers.

Boy scouts and members of the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society carry the pre-assembled bridge frame across Calle Lorca Park, June 28

Also on June 27, Eagle Scout candidate Nicholas Ottersberg worked with fellow boy scouts, Assistant Scoutmasters, and technical advisors from the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society to pre-assemble a footbridge that we all worked together to install on the afternoon of June 28 at Southridge Park.

Nicholas worked over the previous year to plan and obtain materials for the footbridge, which will serve surrounding neighborhoods both as a recreational facility and as a way to get to the grocery store.  The project will also help Nicholas earn his “wings” as an Eagle Scout.  Thanks, and congratulations, Nick!

Bridge in place: Finishing touches