For the hot months of July and August, and into September, we turned our attention to Dale Ball Trails, revisiting many known erosion problem-spots in the North, Central, and South parts of the trails.  Given limitations on public gatherings, with advance preparation we began to publicize work days a little more broadly so that we could have up to ten people working on the trails at a time in two separate groups of up to five individuals each.

July 8: A subtle grade reversal on the way up to Junction 10

July 8: Draining future storm water off the trail just north of Hyde Park Rd.

July 22: In direct response to user input, we restored the outside edge of the tread at this spot on the climb toward Junction 38.

July 29: Cerro Gordo Trailhead Lot beyond full, with a parked car blocking access to the GUSTO connector north, no thanks to new parking restrictions on Cerro Gordo Rd.

Aug. 12: A grade reversal under construction above Kachina Heights Dr., to be buried under dirt from the berm so the tread drains

Aug. 19: De-berming a gully crossing and the trail beyond, south of Junction 19

Aug. 19: De-berm above Junction 20

Aug. 26: Camino Cruz Blanca Trail, a short diversion from Wilderness Gate Trailhead

Aug. 26: A new grade reversal below Wilderness Gate Trailhead, along the Arroyo Mora

Aug. 26: Same grade reversal seen from below, serving to re-route cross-flow off of trail

Sept. 2: Return to Camino Cruz Blanca Trail, while another crew put up GUSTO “Round 2” signage elsewhere in town

Sept. 2: Not bad, for working with what we had!

Sept. 9: Great day for some trail work along the Cañada Ancha!

Sept. 9: Nice new dip and rise to drain the gulley

Sept. 9: “Dale Ball Trails” standing tall again

Sept. 23: A final visit to Dale Ball Trails south of Junction 39, while other volunteers started to take on needs on the nearby Dorothy Stewart Trail