Before: Potential tripping hazards and ankle twisters for horses and people

On June 13, 11 volunteers met with the Trail Volunteer Coordinator at Frijoles Trailhead to remove and re-install wooden parking delineators for horse trailers.

The group included a fairly even mix of hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrian users of our trails.  The objective accomplished was to recess the wooden delineators, which are about the size of railroad ties, more deeply into the gravel and dirt parking lot so as to reduce the risk of accidental injury to horses and their people.

Many hands make light work

Manny Maes and Mike Mellon of the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe listen to Julia Belt of the Santa Fe County Horse Coalition

Sue Murphy and Julia Belt of the Santa Fe County Horse Coalition

Most of the crew stand by the finished job, minus County reinforcements

Finished product: over time, gravel around the wooden delineators is expected to subside about 1/2 inch to an inch.

While we were there we also made some fixes to similar, wooden wheel-stops in a nearby lot for car parking, and we sent out a special envoy to tackle more traditional erosion control on nearby trails.

Special thanks go to Manny Maes of the Trail Alliance of Santa Fe for planning and facilitating this job, and to Sue Murphy of the Santa Fe County Horse Coalition for bringing the need to our attention. Also to Carol Branch of Santa Fe County for lending a hand along with her Summer intern, and for passing out cold beverages at the end of the work day.