Taking a break in the shade above Junction 6, Sept. 4

De-berming on the way up to Junction 7, Sept. 12


Grade reversal below Junction 7, Sept. 12

Fat Bike tamper, Sept. 18

Long de-berm below Junction 10, Sept. 18


Grade reversal under way, Sept. 18

Deploying down to Hyde Park Rd., Sept. 25

Need to de-berm, Sept. 25

One grade reversal, above a hopeless gully, Sept. 25

Revisiting a familiar gully below Junction 23, Oct. 2

Moist soil helps turn a berm into an outslope, between Junctions 16 and 22, Oct. 9

Reinforcing a failing grade reversal west of Junction 4, Oct. 16

Deberm and new grade reversal west of Junction 4, Oct. 16

De-berming between Junctions 3 and 4, Oct. 23

New grade reversal above packed-in gully, Oct. 23