Six Easy Steps to Bring Back the Stars

Bring Back the Stars!

Five Easy Steps to Enjoying New Mexico’s Oldest Natural Wonder

Each of us can do something today and every day to use lighting more efficiently. Here are six easy and inexpensive ways you can reduce light pollution.

  1. Shield all exterior lighting – prevent glare and light trespass to adjacent property
  2. Aim lights downward – make sure all light is directed to illuminate the intended area. Do not allow light emission above a horizontal plane.
  3. Use motion sensors – if you must have light at night for safety and security, install a motion sensor. A sensor will activate the light when needed; saving money while more effectively deterring troublemakers.
  4. Buy lighting according to lumens, not wattage – Many manufacturers now list lumens (light output) in addition to wattage (power consumption) on packaging. Check labels for lumens ratings and you will have good lighting, save money and conserve energy all at the same time. A 13 -watt compact fluorescent bulb gives the same lumens output as a 60-watt incandescent bulb, but uses 80% less energy and lasts up to four years.
  5. Ask first “does it need to be lighted?” For example, use reflectors instead of lights to mark the entrance to your driveway.

By taking a few simple actions, you will practice night-sky friendly lighting, conserve energy, save money, be a better neighbor, and reap the rewards of a beautiful, starry night sky.

Differences between unacceptable and acceptable lighting fixtures.