From June through September 2020, upon the re-adoption of City’s natural-surface trails through a new voluntary agreement with City Parks and Recreation Dept., the Trails Program Manager and volunteers put up new signage at trailheads at La Tierra Trails, Dale Ball Trails, and Sun Mountain Trail informing the public that these city trails are maintained by SFCT, and soliciting input and support toward that end.

We also put up new wayfinding signage on various GUSTO projects, including the Dog Park Connector to La Tierra Trails, the Cerro Gordo Trailhead Connector and Sarah Williams Trail in Dale Ball Trails, the Spur Trail Connector on the campus of Santa Fe Community College, and the Arbolitos Trail and several more trails in the Las Estrellas Subdivision.

New destination-oriented wayfinding on the Dog Park Connector

These signs serve to provide trail users with useful wayfinding information in the form of trail names, destinations, and distances; to acknowledge GUSTO partners behind each collaboration; and to provide links to more information on the GUSTO initiative.

Thanks for everyone’s help in getting this done – volunteers, GUSTO Partners, and the many organizations and individuals who have contributed to support GUSTO and our trails program!


Volunteers put up a signpost at the top of the Cañada Rincon Trail in Las Estrellas

Temporary signage at the bottom of Piñon Ridge Trail in Las Estrellas

Dog Park Connector: Preliminary version with laminated paper

Final product, Arbolitos Trail near N. Ridgetop Rd. in Las Estrellas

Spur Trail Connector on campus of Santa Fe Community College: the Rail Trail is less than two miles away via this GUSTO route!

Bottom of the Dog Park Connector – off-road connection to La Tierra Trails now available from Camino de las Crucitas!

These youngsters biking to school already knew the secret

West end of the “Sarah Williams Trail” along the Canada Ancha (and Hyde Park Rd.) within Dale Ball Trails. The full concept, per City and County resolutions and GUSTO planning, extends up to 10,000 Waves and down to Little Tesuque Creek.

East end of the newly-signed “Sarah Williams Trail.”