More de-berming on the way up toward “the shrine,” Nov. 7.

Trail volunteers returned to Dale Ball Trails on Nov. 7 to continue up the hill above Junction 11.  We finally have got a handle on this stretch of gullied trail after three work days focusing on de-berming and building grade reversals since August.  This time, we returned down toward Junction 13 and built one more considerable grade reversal to route future storm water away from the trail on its way to the “Cañada Ancha,” the arroyo along Hyde Park Rd.

After a few cancellations due to snow and cold, one more city trail work day was organized for the afternoon of Nov. 21 at Southridge Open Space behind Calle Lorca Park.  As a follow-up to the placement of a footbridge by a Boy Scout crew earlier this year, a group of students from the Academy for Technology and the Classics (ATC) and a Thanksgiving visitor got together to build a significant grade reversal above the bridge, and some check-dams alongside it, to stabilize the tread and control erosion of this gully-prone trail.

ATC Crew puts finishing touches on a grade reversal in the City’s Southridge Open Space

ATC volunteers earn community service hours and finish up SFCT’s year of trail work the day before Thanksgiving