Dale Ball Central, north of Junction 11: A series of long de-berms before the season’s first field trip, Oct. 3

In October we resumed maintenance work on Dale Ball Trails, continuing to address areas that had been eroded in Summer monsoons and safeguarding the trails from the next “thousand-year storm” or less.  We continue to rely on volunteers of the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe and we welcome the valuable service of students from The Masters Program (TMP) through the City’s Keep Santa Fe Beautiful program.


Dale Ball South, de-berming and building a grade reversal to keep future stormwater off the trail above the Arroyo Polay, Oct. 10

TMP students remove pesky Siberian elms near Sierra del Norte Trailhead, Oct. 12

Stormwater diversion with “grade reversal” below Wilderness Gate Trailhead, Oct. 17

De-berm and grade reversal on the way to Junction 39, Oct. 17

TMP students de-berm a gullied section of Dale Ball Trails, North, Oct. 19

TMP students and mentors enjoy lunch with a view near Dale Ball Trails’ Junction 7, Oct. 19