A first for Dale Ball Trails: removal of goathead infestation next to a newly-planted tree at the old Filter Plant Building site, Sept. 5

Trail work in September included two work days to address erosion issues in the Central Part of Dale Ball Trails north of Cero Gordo Trailhead, one with The Master Program students around the La Cuchara and Frijoles Trailheads in La Tierra Trails, and two on the Atalaya Trail per request from Santa Fe National Forest.  Still lots of damage on the trails from record-breaking August storms!

De-berm and fill below Junction 25

“Re-berm” to prevent drainage above the footbridge

Soil from a de-berm helps build a grade reversal below Junction 23 on Sept. 12

Students and faculty from The Masters Program help out at La Tierra Trails on Sept. 14

Atalaya Trail at the junction with the St. John’s Trail, Sept. 19

Atalaya Trail: Packing dirt onto an artificial “grade reversal” a mile from the top, Sept. 26