This Wednesday, March 31 at 6:30pm


Join these two outspoken NM conservation advocates, activists, and change-makers as they discuss answers to the questions below and to your questions as well!  Kevin is Executive Director of the Southwest Environmental Center and Gabe is a city councilor in Las Cruces and the founder of the Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project – providing communities of color with sustainable opportunities for engagement, access and education around public lands and waters (complete bios at

  • We are facing a global extinction crisis unlike any other time in history. How are humans impacting this loss and what will humankind lose if it continues?
  • Specifically, what is the toll on native wildlife due to climate change, human behavior, and loss of habitat?  Does protecting more land translate into protecting wildlife biodiversity?
  • What is rewilding, how does it fit in the global 30 x 30 initiative, and how important are local conservation efforts to the bigger picture?
  • How can local conservation help?  And if social change is at the heart of the answers we seek, how does a long overdue focus on diversity and inclusion help protect the environment and all living beings who depend on it?
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